St. Josaphat Church

St. Josaphat Church

Sunday: 9:30am Tridentine Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form), and Noon English Ordinary Form Mass once a month (see Calendar - upcoming dates Oct. 11 and Dec. 13, 2015)
Monday: 7:00pm Tridentine Latin Mass followed by Mother of Perpertual Help devotions
Thursday: Noon followed by Novena to Black Madonna
First Friday: 7:00pm Tridentine Latin Mass

Thursday: 11:30am

St. Joseph sanctuary

St. Joseph Church

Sunday: Noon Latin Ordinary Form Mass
Wednesday: 12:10pm followed by Perpetual Novena to St. Joseph

Sunday: Before & after Noon Mass
Wednesday: 11:45am

Sweetest Heart of Mary sanctuary

Sweetest Heart of Mary Church

Saturday: 4:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am
Friday: Noon followed by Sacred Heart Novena

Saturday: 3:30pm
Sunday: Before 10:00am Mass
Friday: 11:45am